Enjoy creative freedom and endless fun in My Animal Hair Salon game for girls and boys! Grab your hairstyling tools and go wild! Create crazy hairstyles for cute and fluffy beauty salon clients: panda Lu, cat Pearl, little kitten Yuki, baby koala Maggie, Tasmanian devil Ash, dog Gabriello and kids’ favorite leopard Amy! Wash, color, curl, straighten and braid! Experiment with all the hair salon tools and create the most unique hairstyles for the animals! Girly, edgy, classic or alternative — you choose! This amazing pet beauty salon is all about self-expression, creativity, silliness and fun! Dye hair in any color of the rainbow! Go wild! Natural, bright or pastel? You choose! Use a shampoo to wash hair and watch magical bubbles appear! Kawaii kitty Yuki loves bubbles as much as all little kids do! Brush and move hair in any direction! Leopard Amy enjoys experimenting with forms and styles! Use a hair dryer to create mind-blowing updos! That’s a hairstyle Gabriello the dog needs! Create bouncy curls and cute waves using fancy hairstyling tools! Huggable cat Pearl is a girly girl and all about that volume and curls! Straighten hair if waves is not the hair look you’re going for! Baby panda Lu will like a hairstyle like this! Use a fancy hair salon tool to braid animals’ hair! Tiny koala girl Maggie will look super cute with braided hair! Don’t be afraid to cut hair short — there’s always a magic hair growing potion to make it super long again! Tasmanian devil Ash would love a super long hairstyle — it’s not for girls only! Play My Animal Hair Salon — a wildly creative game for girls and boys who love hairstyling, animals and fun! Download App Store : https://apps.apple.com/app/id1470943345