How to Care for a House Rabbit || Pet Care Tips ========================================== ========================================== 1. Be prepared for a rabbit. Rabbits are not low-maintenance animals. They require the same amount of time, money, and care as dogs and cats. They require a water bowl, a high-quality rabbit food, toys, as much exercise as a dog, and a litter tray. Plus they need your daily attention. 2. Decide what kind of rabbit you want. There are many factors to consider when choosing a rabbit. Decide if you want a specific kind of rabbit and if you want him to have a pedigree. There are many different breeds, which will vary in size and coloring as well as temperament. You also need to decide if you want a male or female rabbit and what approximate age you want your rabbit to be. 3. Buy a large cage. Before you bring your rabbit home, make sure you have all the right equipment for her. This way, when your new pet comes home, everything will be ready and she can move in with minimum fuss. The first thing you need is a secure rabbit cage. Although your rabbit will be outside of her home base a lot of the time, she should have her own safe haven away from everything else. This should be just her. 4. Pick a litter. If you plan on getting a kit, also known as a baby rabbit, you need to follow certain guidelines. When you go to get her, look at the size, color, temperament, and health of the parents to get an idea of how your rabbit will likely turn out. Try playing with the parents to see how they behave first-hand, which will give you a sense of how your rabbit may act. 5. Keep trying. If you are having a hard time, you need to keep trying. Switch between offering him a small piece of vegetable, stroking him, and ignoring him completely. If he approaches you, try feeding him again. If he head-butts you, he wants attention. Stroke him if he does this. Follow Our: Facebook Page : Pinterest : Twitter : Our Blog Site : ====================================== ====================================== Subscribe Our Channel :