LUKA BABY ANIMAL DRAGON PET CARE πŸ’Ÿ Animation Cartoons For Kids Play Doh Luka travel into deep jungle to rescue his friendly princess from her dragon pet. 2:23 - Animal Rescue Alligator 4:34 - Dinosaur Playground 6:38 - Police Cop Pretend Play 8:36 - Baby Chess Playing See more of: WOA Studio animation: About WOA Luka Channel: The channel mainly focuses on a clay character named Luka and his family including mother and his little sister. Together, they go through struggle everyday to learn many lessons about good behaviors. All of our contents is designed with the purpose of children's education based on their ages and development. For a better future, we hope kids and parents will recognize good behaviors and essential life skills through our videos: ❀️ Problem solving in tough situations. 🧑 Interpersonal relationship with parents and family. πŸ’› Empathy with animals other non-human beings. πŸ’š Positive thinking and coping with stress πŸ’™ Coping with emotion, learning unification and make friends According to their ages, we build some topics that can be related to real life education: ❀️ Discovery: developing imagination with costumes, exploring environment 🧑 Initial lessons: learning letters, colors, numbers, housework πŸ’› Protecting surrounding environment πŸ’š Profession training: doctor, teacher, police, firefighter,... Not just only for children’s self education, parents can also learn the good way to teach their children. To a brighter generation, we hope our content can convey useful message to the community. We release a new episode everyday. Stay tuned and hit the subscribe button and ring bell for not missing any. All audio and visual content in this channel is owned by SCONNECT CO., LTD., and licenced under Creative Commons Attribution. Artist: Author: Stockwaves --------------------- About us: β–Ί Gmail: β–Ί Facebook: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE PLAY DOH CARTOONS! CREDIT Producer - Tung Nguyen Director - Truong Nguyen Scriptwriter - Ngoc Nguyen Character Designer - Nhan Nguyen and Vinh Tuong Model Maker - Phuong Hoang, Nguyet Tran, Anh Truong, Hang Do and Hiep Truong Animator - Linh Nguyen and Quang Tuong and Dung Hoang and Tuan Tran Compositor - Quynh Tran System Developer - Bach Cao #WOAVIDEOS #WOASTOPMOTION #WOALUKA