what is healthy pets plus

The Healthy Pets Plus program offers an effective way to keep your pet healthy. With exclusive benefits at participating veterinarians, this program will help your pet get the preventive care they need. This helps to reduce health risks, which will keep your pets happier and healthier.

Cost-effective way to ensure proper care of your pet

The Healthy Pets Plus program is an easy, affordable way to ensure the proper care of your pet. It focuses on preventive healthcare. This is a very important aspect of good health for your pet.

In addition to a regular veterinarian’s visit, your pet should have access to fresh, clean water. You should also provide your pet with a well-balanced diet. Overfeeding can lead to obesity.

One of the most common painful conditions is gum disease. You can avoid this by providing your dog with proper dental care.

Another important component of a preventive care plan is parasite testing. Ticks and roundworms can spread diseases to humans. Roundworms are also zoonotic, meaning that they can be transmitted to other pets.

Having a routine wellness plan can help you save money on vaccinations and annual veterinarian visits. These visits are necessary to maintain good health for your pet.

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Vaccinations and microchipping

Healthy pets plus is a monthly membership program for pets that focuses on preventative healthcare. The membership covers the cost of vaccinations and microchipping, dental check-ups, and health screenings. It is designed to keep your pet healthy and happy. In addition to these services, you can expect to receive 20% discounts on parasite prevention and heartworm prevention.

Healthy Pets Plus has a variety of vaccination and microchipping options for your dog or cat. They are all designed to help your pet avoid disease at the earliest stages. Getting your pet immunized is a smart investment. This will help protect them against diseases that are expensive to treat. If you have questions, you can always call the Healthy Pets Plus customer service line at 855-HAppy-Pets (855-856-PETS) or visit the website.