which dog breed has no health problems

If you are looking to purchase a dog, there are several breeds that have no health problems. These include: English Springer Spaniel, Greyhound, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Havanese, Poodle, and Smooth Fox Terrier. However, if you are considering a specific dog, it is important that you learn about its specific traits and characteristics. This will help you make an informed decision when deciding which dog breed you want to own.


The Greyhound is a sight hound that has a keen eye. They are also known for their speed and their docile nature. However, these dogs can have some health problems.

Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, is common among Greyhounds. Most dogs with this disease die if it is not detected early.

Arthritis is also a common issue. While some cases are hereditary, others can be caused by environmental or food allergies. A dog that has arthritis has a lot of pain, especially in the joints.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

If you are looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you may wonder if they are healthy enough to be around. While they are generally friendly and playful, there are certain diseases that are more common in this breed.

In addition to heart problems, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can also suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. These problems can be treated through diet, medication, or surgery.

One health problem Cavaliers are prone to is a condition called brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOS). It occurs when the skull and face of the dog are too narrow, preventing the dog from breathing effectively.

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are sturdy, alert and active dogs. They are also friendly and fun-loving and are excellent family pets. However, it is important to be aware of some of the health problems they might have.

There are several heart and neurologic diseases that can affect the Springer Spaniel. The best way to know if your dog has any of these conditions is to make regular visits to the vet.

Heart disease can be prevented with good diet and exercise. Hip dysplasia is another condition that is common in large breeds. It occurs when the bones are weakened, making them prone to arthritis.


When you are searching for the ideal dog for your family, you may be considering a Havanese. These dogs are known for their sweetness and good personality. They are also considered a good companion for children and other pets. However, like all breeds, they are also at risk for certain health problems.

If you are looking for a new puppy, it’s a good idea to learn about the health concerns that affect the breed. Some of them are relatively common, while others are less prevalent.

One of the most common health concerns is obesity. This can make your dog more susceptible to digestive disorders and joint problems. It can also worsen heart conditions.


There are few health problems that affect Basenjis. However, there are some diseases that are heritable. So, before you get one of these dogs, make sure that it is tested for these conditions.

One of the more common diseases that Basenjis can be affected by is hypothyroidism. This condition occurs when the body does not produce enough thyroid hormone. When your dog is diagnosed with this disease, he may experience weight loss, dry skin, and hair loss.

Basenjis are also prone to the disorder Fanconi syndrome. This condition can cause kidney and urinary tract disorders. Affected Basenjis will have increased urine volume, an abnormal electrolyte level, and can become anemic.

Smooth Fox Terrier

If you are looking for a terrier that is lively, affectionate, and suited to an active lifestyle, the Smooth Fox Terrier is a great choice. It is a gregarious, high energy dog that is good with children and other animals. In general, the Smooth Fox Terrier is an easy pet to care for.

Despite their energetic and playful nature, Smooth Fox Terriers are prone to some health problems. The best way to avoid them is to make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

Heart disease is a growing problem in Fox Terriers. Obesity is also a concern, as it can worsen heart, digestive, and joint conditions.


If you’re looking for a breed of dog that’s generally healthy, then poodles may be right for you. But just like any breed, they have some health issues. These health problems can be prevented and treated if you know what to look for and how to do it.

The 14th most common health problem in the poodle breed is Regular Cardiac Problems. This is a disease in which the heart cannot pump blood efficiently. Generally, larger breeds of dogs are more prone to this condition, though a poodle mix can also be a carrier.