which dog has least health problems

The answer to the question which dog has least health problems can be difficult to determine, since there are many different breeds of dogs to choose from. Some of the most popular dogs to consider include Border Collies, Chihuahuas, Cairn terriers, Foxhounds, Basenjis, Rottweilers, and more. These breeds vary in size and temperament, but all are considered good candidates for a long life of happiness and health.


Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities. They have a great spirit and are very smart. Yet, they are also susceptible to health problems. However, Chihuahuas usually stay healthy for most of their lives.

Chihuahuas are prone to hip dysplasia. When a hip joint does not develop correctly, the femoral head may become brittle and a dog may limp. The pain of this condition can be severe. It is best to have the condition diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Obesity is another health problem that Chihuahuas face. It can affect their joints, digestive disorders, and heart. Overweight dogs tend to have a shorter life expectancy and are more likely to have other health conditions.

Border Collies

Border Collies have a high activity level and are very intelligent dogs. They are also very loyal and loving animals, making them an excellent choice for a family dog. However, border collies aren’t immune from health problems. To ensure your puppy stays healthy, there are a few things you should know.

One of the most common health problems in border collies is epilepsy. This condition can be triggered by tumours, infections, or genetic disorders. If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it may require medication for the rest of its life.

Another common problem is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia causes pain and stiffness in the joints. Exercise can help prevent this problem, but you can also change your dog’s diet.


One of the oldest dog breeds, Basenjis have been around for thousands of years. This small and graceful animal has retained its primitive characteristics, making it an excellent family dog. However, they do have some health concerns.

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common issues that Basenjis can have. Hip dysplasia is hereditary, so if you are considering getting a Basenji, be sure to check out the breed’s history.

Hip dysplasia occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint are faulty. It can be painful. You can help prevent this condition by keeping the joint in good condition with regular exercise and a healthy diet.


The American Foxhound is a dog breed that was introduced to the United States by English settlers over 200 years ago. These dogs are a great companion for an active family. They are also friendly with other animals. However, there are some health concerns that you should be aware of.

Some health problems associated with this breed are hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism. While these are serious problems, there are treatments available. You can find out more about these illnesses and what you can do to help your dog by consulting with your veterinarian.

Another disease that you might want to keep an eye out for is lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer that occurs in the lymphocytes, or white blood cells, of the body. When the lymphocytes are affected, the dog’s immune system becomes compromised.


Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. However, these dogs are not without health problems. They are prone to certain types of cancers and heart disease.

These disorders have to be diagnosed early to prevent complications. For instance, lymphoma responds well to chemotherapy when detected before it develops.

Osteosarcoma is another common cancer that affects Rottweilers. This condition develops in older dogs with sudden or severe onset. The disease causes debilitating pain.

The disease also spreads to the lungs, which can be life-threatening. It is important to note that Rottweilers are genetically predisposed to this type of cancer.

Cairn terriers

Cairn terriers are a popular choice for family pets, especially for kids. They have a friendly, loyal personality and make great companions.

However, while they are generally considered healthy, there are some health problems they may inherit. If you are considering buying a puppy, you will want to learn about the possible diseases they can carry.

Glaucoma is one condition that can affect cairn terriers. This condition can cause blindness if not treated. Other eye conditions are also possible, such as distichiasis.

Hip dysplasia is another disease that a cairn terrier can have. It is considered to be an uncommon problem.